суббота, 7 марта 2009 г.

First Morning

Everyone in our apartment has woken up early, so we're enjoying some early morning breakfast before we make some blini. We are all very excited for today, to go out and explore Moscow. It snowed last night, as we were leaving the beautiful 'universam' on Tverskaya and we walked back to our apartments. From the window it appears that a descent amount of snow has fallen - we also have the window open and we can hear the early morning sounds of a city awakening. I always love to listen to how a city really begins to wake up - we first heard the pigeons cooing outside our window, but now that sound is eclipsed by shoveling on the street and the occasional discernable sound of a moped, or a car engine. The sun has yet to rise, but the sky is lightening up.

We're getting ready to make some blini, but we don't have any butter, so we're going to just try to make them with water. We purified the water, and Emily R. can't drink her water yet because it was boiling, I think she put it in the fridge. This is going to be a lot of fun, we'll see if it works. Nate and I have enjoyed some early morning tea, and Emily R. and Lauren had some yogurt - we're trying to determine what the yogurt is made of, since they both like the taste so much more...I wonder how much yogurt you can get through customs...

I can hear more engines now, above my apartment mates playing a card game, and Nate eating his apple. Last night in the 'universam', he was chastised by a woman who worked there because his apple was not in a bag - I also realized at the 'kacca' that I didn't weigh my grapefruits and I had to run back and get an official sticker.

It's about five of seven right now, and we're deciding on the colour of the sky. Nate thinks Moscow Blue, or Volga Shale, and Emily R. thinks Moscow Blue...it's a mixture of those maybe?

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