воскресенье, 8 марта 2009 г.

So today was pretty cool... definitely a great start to a trip. We all slept in a little bit and then took off for Red Square. I was probably kind of freaky about how excited I was to see the square. I was such a cliche tourist, taking all sorts of obnoxious pictures of the babyshkas with their totally awesome fur hats and of adorably bundled little boys... the Cathedral was also breathtaking. It's something I've always dreamt about seeing, so it was fantastic to actually be there- sounds corny, I know, but you'll probably understand. After the trip to the square we met the U.S. ambassador to Russia. He was seriously an awesome guy, and the residence was fantastic. Now I'm hanging out in the room with my roomies... We kind of feel like we need a mellow night in order to make it through the next week of sightseeing and partying... ;) On a sort of final note, I'm going to try to upload some pics. I'm kind of bad with technology, though, so we'll see how everything goes...

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